Toronto Synesthete Meeting - Sat June 20th

Our next meeting of Toronto area synesthetes (and those driving in from further afield!) will be on Saturday June 20th. Same location as usual, Meeting Room #6 at the back of the ground floor of the Centre for Social Innovation's 720 Bathurst Street location, 2 - 5pm.. (Note the meeting has been moved from the Sunday it was originally scheduled for, due to that being Father's Day)

American Synesthesia Association Conference - Miami, Oct 2-4, 2015

The American Synesthesia Association has announced that their 13th semi-annual conference will be held at the University Of Miami from October 2nd to October 4th. The conference will feature presentations by some of the world's leading experts on synesthesia, and will also have synesthetes discussing their abilities. It provides a forum for synesthetes and researchers alike to congregate. More details here:

Call for Grapheme-Colour Synesthetes

The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands has pulled together a team of world leading synesthesia and genetics researchers to undertake a large scale study that seeks to find the synesthete gene. 

For the first phase of things, they are looking for approximately 2000 grapheme-colour synesthetes (those who experience coloured letters, numbers, days, and/or months). Travel is not necessary - participants can be located anywhere in the world. If interested, you’ll be asked to anonymously provide a saliva sample for DNA testing.

Previous research has determined that synesthesia runs in families, and the goal with this study is to learn more about its genetic basis.

For more information and to participate, please go to:

Having checked it out, it’s a study that we highly endorse and recommend participation in due to the caliber of the researchers and the extraordinary potential of its findings.

Best regards,

Greg Jarvis
Canadian Synesthesia Association

News Update, Feb 27, 2014

Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia

This month saw the long awaited release of the 1120 page Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia. With contributions from all the leading synesthete researchers, it promises to be the definitive text on synesthesia. You may order it through Amazon at

And you may catch it’s lead editor, Julia Simner, giving a talk in Toronto in March…


Synesthesia Talks at U of T, March 18th and 19th

“Tasty Coloured Sounds: The Experiences Of Synaesthetes”, presented by the Colour Research Society Of Canada. Full details at:

Tuesday March 18, 7:00 pm

Room 330, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. 80 Queen’s Park Cres

Dr. Julia Simner is a neuropsychologist and leading expert in the field of synesthesia research. She trained at the Universities of Oxford, Toronto and Sussex, and she currently runs the Synesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work focuses on the psychological and neuroscientific bases of synesthesia. She is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia


On Wednesday March 19 3-6pm

Room 544, OCAD University

Dr Daphne Maurer (McMaster University) will discuss results from the Music Visualization Workshop, held May 31 2013 at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.  Drs Simner and Maurer will also co-host a panel on the impact of synesthesia in education.


GTA Synesthete Meet-Up, Sunday March 2nd, 2pm

Also for those of you in and around Toronto, we’ll be having our regular monthly gathering of local synethetes at a member’s residence near Yonge & St.Clair on Sunday, March 2nd at 2pm. Message if you require address details. Increasingly our discussions are taking a unique direction exploring synesthesia and consciousness.

Toronto-area Meet Up, Sunday Nov 3rd, 2013

We will be having our next meeting on Sunday Nov 3rd at 2pm in the upstairs front room of Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen Street West, near Bathurst) . All synesthetes are welcome. We'll be discussing how synesthesia has influenced us, what we've learnt from it, and what knowledge we can pass on to other synesthetes to help them explore and utilize their abilities. This meeting is only open to synesthetes though we will have other events in the future that are open to researchers and those with a general interest in synesthesia.

GTA Synesthete Drinks Meet Up, Tues Sept 17th, 2013

The Canadian Synesthesia Association will be holding a Toronto area drinks meet up at 7:30pm, Tuesday Sept 17th, in the upstairs front room at Tequila Bookworm, 512 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 2B3 (Queen & Bathurst). 

This is a synesthete-only event, however there are other forthcoming events open also to researchers and non-synis with an interest in synesthesia. The CSA hopes to facilitate similar meet ups amongst synesthetes in other major Canadian cities in the future.


Synesthesia Conference at OCADU

The Canadian Synesthesia Association will be launching during the ASA's 10th global synesthesia conference, being hosted by the Colour Research Society of Canada and OCADU in Toronto from Fri May 31st - Sun June 2nd, 2013.

For further details please see:


Conference Website

Call For Conference Volunteers

A number of events are open to the public without registering for the conference. These include:

Fri May 31st, evening - The Gryphon Trio (classical Juno winners) performing works from famous synesthete composers at U of T’s Walter Hall at 9pm, preceeded by a talk on synesthesia at 7:30pm. Free to the public. 80 Queen’s Park Cres.

Sat Jun 1st, evening - Local synesthete musicians perform their works upstairs at the El Mocambo (Spadina & College). The night will feature performances from The Flowers Of Hell (10:15pm), The Auras (11:15pm), and The Disraelis (12:15am), preceded by a collaborative improvisation between synesthetes. Doors 9pm. Pay What You Can. 464 Spadina Ave. With lasers