2019 Toronto Area Synesthete Meet Ups

If you’ve never chatted about your synesthesia with a bunch of other synesthetes, you’re in for a treat. While one goes through life naturally building a rich understanding of tastes, smells, sights, sounds, & touch by all one discusses with others about such things, it’s truly through meeting other synesthetes that one’s understanding of one’s own synesthetic perceptions increases.

Usually our meetings have six to a dozen synis carrying on a freeflowing discussion of everything from how they use synesthesia in their artistic discipline or profession through to the implications of synesthesia on fields as diverse as quantum physics and theology.

This year while we seek a new regular location to hold our meetings, we’ll be having them in a variety of spaces that various members have access to.

We meet approximately once a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon from 2 - 5pm. Message for details of our next meeting.

Note that we have a ‘synesthetes only’ policy (one of the nicest things for many of us who attend regularly is being able to discuss our perceptions with out having to explain them to people who don’t experience such things.)